Swashbuckling Kids Party

Pirate party theme ideas are always great to plan and have fun with. Here are a few quick tips to a swashbuckling good pirate party.

Pirate Party Invitations

Start with pirate style invitations well ahead of time so that people have a chance to dress up their kids in proper pirate fashion.

Pirate Party
Pirate Party

Pirate Party Decorations

Decorate the room you are using with lots of dark colors, candles, spider webs and sea shells. Part of a pirate ship from a wreck is easy to make and some boxes decorated like treasure chests are easy and quick as well.

Think of turning your room into a secret pirate cave. A pirate movie of which there are many to choose from makes for great entertainment while eating.

Pirate Party Games

If you have the time and the right incentive, a pirate map with clues to buried treasure is always attractive for kids. Design the map so that it leads them to other clues and new maps until the final treasure is found. This can lead from the indoors to the outdoors in winter or summer. In summer you can bury the treasure and have them dig for it, or hide it in a spot that is well concealed from view.

In winter you can bury the treasure in the snow. If you are lucky, it will snow after you buried it and traces of footprints will have disappeared. Pirate treasure can include small gifts wrapped up with individual pirate names on them, or it can simply be a stash of goodies that everyone can share in.

The difficulty in the making of the clues and where the treasure was buried will depend on the age of the children. This has been done with adults during such parties like anniversaries or birthdays. The older the people involved, the more complex the search is to find the treasure they would enjoy, such as tickets to a concert or gift cards.

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