Balloon Twisting Party Hire

Nothing Twisted About Our Fun Balloon Twisting Art

Want to add more fun and more color to your event? Our balloon twisting artists will effortlessly do that and so much more for your event.

Our balloon twisting in Perth is an excellent stand-alone entertainment option, and also works great as an add-on to other exciting services that we offer such as face painting. Whether it’s a private family function, or a corporate event, you can never go wrong with our balloon twisting service.

The passion and mastery of our balloon twisting experts is evident in their work. From animal creations, to designs inspired by popular Disney themes and characters, the creative genius of our experts will awe your guests. Balloon twisting is not just for the kids and the adults can also have some wonderful balloon decorations to take home with them. If you can think it, then our artists will twist it for you.

Our experienced artists can handle events of any scale. It takes a minute or two to make the simple creations while the more detailed and intricate creations take longer. We would not want to have your guests waiting in line for too long and getting agitated, so provide us with the number of guests you expect at your event and we will plan accordingly. For a small event, one artist will keep the show running, but for bigger events, we will gladly send over a team.

We are committed to making a fun and colorful success of your event. Your guest need not walk away with just the memories of a fun-filled day playing with bouncy castles and amusement hires, they can actually go away with an actual reminder of the day with our balloon twisting creations.

Book our balloon twisting service today at very affordable rates and let our balloon twist experts liven up your event.

face painting for kids

5 Tips For Your Next Face Painting Perth Hire For All Kids’ Events

Face painting has always been an excitingly creative way to add some fun and bright color to any event Kids of all ages love it and without caring too much to admit it, so do the adults.

When hiring one of our face painting Perth experts for your event, here are some pointers that will ensure you get the most out of the hire;

1. Get to know more about the face painters. You will be able to rest easy and enjoy the event more if you have the confidence that your guests are in good hands. How good is the artist(s) with kids? Have they worked with a number as big as the one you are expecting at your party?

2. Let the face paint artist know early on in advance if they will be working with a theme. The artists may be creative geniuses, but having this foreknowledge will help with perfecting the designs.

3. Whether working with a specific theme or otherwise, encourage the face painters to keep the designs simple as these would take a relatively shorter time compared to the complex designs. It’s a party. No one wants to sit around for a long time and the kids will no doubt start getting cranky and throw a fit if they are forced to.

4. Face painting Perth is not just for the kids. Join in on the fun as the host and the other adults will follow your lead. The kids definitely want to see the goofy side to their parents and you can look forward to a much more amazing time as an active participant.

5. Go all out. You can have the face painter include some glitter gel in the paint for a more glam finish, especially with the girls.

Hiring the best in face painters will give your guests, big and small a chance to really wear and pull off their best party faces. With these and more tips, you can enjoy your party the best way you know how.


Kids Party Food Ideas

Kids party food ideas have to be well-thought out, because they are definitely our most finicky party guests. Their appetites are a little different but presentation is the big thing in pleasing them. Peanut butter by itself or with raisins put on celery is called ants on a log and most often loved by the kids (especially the boys). No peanut butter? Then try Cheese Whiz. Most raw vegetables with dip go over well once the kids taste it.

All age groups seem to enjoy cheese, sausage and crackers, while apple sandwiches with cinnamon and a bit of sugar can work wonders. You can also make sandwiches attractive by cutting them with cookie cutters into fun shapes. Other great good party ideas include grilled cheese, French fries, chicken wings, nachos, tuna buns, open faced grilled cheese bacon and tomato sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, breaded shrimp with dip, spinach dip with sour dough bread cubes, barbecued steak pieces, ribs, chicken fingers and dip, hamburgers, hotdogs and spaghetti.

These are just a few of the more popular foods. Kids also like the junk food such as chips, pretzels, popcorn, candy, candied apples, cake, cookies, Jello and puddings, all of which can be put in fancy dishes and decorated with sprinkles, jelly beans and M&Ms. Lots of variety and a bit of imagination helps put these foods into attractive tasty treats for kids. When serving beverages it is easy to use the old standbys or you can make up fruit juice combinations with a bit of fizz to them, floats and milkshakes also add to a party and for the most part have some nutrition in them.


Party Hire – Let Someone Else Handle The Planning

Throwing a big bash can really be overwhelming; there is just so much to do to make the party a success. You do not have to do it all alone you might be surprised to find out that you can get some party hire help. You hire help to pull off the big party. This can be the perfect answer if you work full time and have a full plate.

What is Party Hire?

Party hire is someone that you hire for the specific purpose of throwing a party. They can be responsible for a host of duties from securing the event venue to overseeing kitchen work. They can also be used as the wait staff for the party. Many times a person will hire someone to fit a specific position at the party, like a bartender or a waitress or waiter.

In some instances it is more obvious that you will need to consider this route. Like if you are throwing a rather large party or if the setting is more formal than say a back yard affair. A lot of times you will see this practice for weddings or big anniversary parties.

Usually there is an agency that you can call to make the arrangements through. You are actually not the employer in this situation you simply contract the work through the agency and the workers are paid by the agency, after you pay the agency.

In some circumstances you may choose a party hire of your own and than you would be responsible for paying that person for their services. Either route you choose it may be one of the best decisions you make.

Costs of a Party Hire

The cost is going to absolutely be relevant to the amount of time someone will have to work the party and what the duties are that they will be performing. You can expect to pay at least the current minimum wage and to tip the staff at the end of the party. The cost is easily justified in the amount of time you will be able to spend with your guests at the party.

A party hire can be the perfect answer if you are feeling overwhelmed or if the party is just too big to manage without help. Sometimes it is just a welcome relief to be able to have some help to delegate the activities to, it is a smart way to handle the stress of organizing everything without losing your mind. It can really provide you with peace of mind and help you to enjoy your own party.