Slip And Slide Action For Perth Parties With Water Slide Hire

Water slides are an excellent way to cool off on a hot afternoon out back. Water slides are lots of fun for both kids and adults, which is why they are a must-have for all your parties. When it comes to water slide hire, you have unlimited options to choose from.

How High?

As a parent, you will no doubt feel a lot more comfortable with a small to medium sized slide as far as the height dimension is concerned for the younger kids. Older kids and adults at your event can enjoy an awesome time on giant and towering slides as high as up to 30 feet

Single-or Double-lane?

Both are equally fun, but if yours is a big event with a large attendance such as corporate events and fairs, double-lane units are a perfect choice as you will have two persons having a go at the slide at the same time. The kids will also have so much more fun going down the slide with a friend, and making a game out of who will get to the bottom first.

Themed or Not?

As with other play inflatables, you can choose from among different themed units for your water slide hire Perth choice. There are tens, even hundreds of themes, especially from your kids’ favorite TV programs and movies you can choose from to make the day all the more colorful and fun.

For How Long?

For water slide hire Perth, you get to choose how long you will need the water slides for at your event. While there are standard packages, you can always negotiate discounts and enjoy special offers depending on your hire times and how many units you hire for your event.

Water slides are great for outdoor parties. Hire one or more units for your event and you have the absolute guarantee of a day well spent with lots of laughter and making cherished memories to last a long time.

face painting for kids

Face Painting for Kids Parties

Face painting is a fun activity for many kids. If you are planning to have  facing painting in your next party or fun fair for children, check out the below tips.

Face painting for kids parties is interesting and lures kids most of the time. It could be a fan fair, a school event , and birthday parties all attract a large crowds. It needs a lot of skills and creativity, but because it mostly involves children, it can out to be a messy affair if not monitored closely. Face painting is an activity children enjoy. This because it makes their face look attractive. There is   always a unique excitement about showing off their best animal, cartoon star on their faces. Kids enjoy this activity as it attracts people and they get a chance to appear as they want to. They love playing their favorite pet or animal, and pretend to be a ghost and make their friends scared.

While face painting for kids parties is fun, it is good to take precautions

  • Ensure that the paints used are specifically made for the skin. Some paints have chemicals that can harm the kids vulnerable skin.
  • Clean brushes you plan to used
  • Avoid art that is metallic on the face
  • Kids that have certain skin conditions or some with wounds that are open should not be painted unless a medical practitioner approves so.

Face painters for kids parties should take several precautions. They will be forced to stand for long. They will work with kids with skin conditions. They will deal with several types of paints. This can bring about health issues as well as anxiety which can lead to stress. Listed below are some tips that will assist the face painter to do the job well.

  • It is crucial for the painter to imagine a complete painted face even before the painting starts. After using one color , it is recommended you be patient until the paint is dry so that you will not end up with mixed colors and be forced to start again.
  • For kids whose skin is delicate or children who would no prefer having their faces painted, opt for stickers or tattoos that are temporary. They can act as perfect as alternatives.
  • While selecting designs and patterns, consider what the  kids would love to have. Come up with unique for the kids face.
  • Have a tissue or tissue with you so as to wipe off messy hands and toothbrushes.
  • To cater for a large part of the face, use a sponge instead of going for the painting brush. For a large area of the face or for painting big lines on the face, dip a ball of fabric in the paint and use it  to apply paint on the face.
  • Apply flour on the face to make the kid look more ghostly.

During face painting for kids parties, it a child you are working on. They may tend to be impatient; some of them might act restless and anxious. If you are a face painter, you need to relax. Be cautious when painting faces. Paint a design pattern that will be unique such that your clients and the kids will be excited and happy.

Balloon Twisting Party Hire

Nothing Twisted About Our Fun Balloon Twisting Art

Want to add more fun and more color to your event? Our balloon twisting artists will effortlessly do that and so much more for your event.

Our balloon twisting in Perth is an excellent stand-alone entertainment option, and also works great as an add-on to other exciting services that we offer such as face painting. Whether it’s a private family function, or a corporate event, you can never go wrong with our balloon twisting service.

The passion and mastery of our balloon twisting experts is evident in their work. From animal creations, to designs inspired by popular Disney themes and characters, the creative genius of our experts will awe your guests. Balloon twisting is not just for the kids and the adults can also have some wonderful balloon decorations to take home with them. If you can think it, then our artists will twist it for you.

Our experienced artists can handle events of any scale. It takes a minute or two to make the simple creations while the more detailed and intricate creations take longer. We would not want to have your guests waiting in line for too long and getting agitated, so provide us with the number of guests you expect at your event and we will plan accordingly. For a small event, one artist will keep the show running, but for bigger events, we will gladly send over a team.

We are committed to making a fun and colorful success of your event. Your guest need not walk away with just the memories of a fun-filled day playing with bouncy castles and amusement hires, they can actually go away with an actual reminder of the day with our balloon twisting creations.

Book our balloon twisting service today at very affordable rates and let our balloon twist experts liven up your event.

No Stress And No Sweat Across All Ages With Rental Software For Bouncy Castle Hire Businesses

The kids are all grown up and now have kids of their own. How exciting it must be. Your grandchildren expect you to spoil them silly and because you love them, you are more than happy to.

Organizing a fun day for all your grand kids and their friends sounds like an amazing idea. Kids love bouncing castles so their being a part of the day’s entertainment is an absolute no-brainer. But who has all the energy to run around meeting suppliers?

Well, you won’t need that energy at least not as much as would go into physically going to meet up with suppliers and organize for the big day. Times have really changed and you can say a big thank you to the piece of genius that is rental software for bouncy castle hire companies.

From the comfort of your living room, or anywhere else, you can have a look at the inventories of all bouncy castle hire companies near you. Each item has a complete product description and you can see pictures of the same product from different angles. Some will even colorful and catchy video demonstrations. All this definitely beats having to move from one company to the next just to see what is on offer. Against each item is its real-time availability status and with a simple click on the “book now” button you can secure your units of choice for the event.

Another great benefit to rental software for bouncing castle hire companies is that you get to process the payment right from wherever you are. No need to go to the bank, make a withdrawal and walk around in unsafe streets as you go and make the payments. There are different online payment methods, all of which are completely secure.

With rental software for bouncing castle hire companies, you won’t need much of anyone’s help with treating your beloved to a day of exciting bouncy action. The software is easy to use, so your perceived “limited” grasp on the latest technology shouldn’t be a hindrance. It’s a guaranteed hassle-free experience and you can relax and wait for the company to deliver right to your door.

Amusement Rides, Games and Party Entertainers For The Best Parties In Perth

Amusement rental experts are all about bringing the ultimate fun to any party or event. Variety is the name of the game and you will be pleasantly spoilt for choice with amusements. With amusement hires, you can easily treat your little guests to a miniature carnival experience right in your back yard or any other party location of your choosing.

From amusement rides to active games, you can be sure that the kids will stay actively engaged during the whole event with no room whatsoever for the boredom that comes with inactivity. You can have your pick from among some of the most popular rides and games which include playing cow-boy/girl on the mechanical bull, breaking a sweat on the rock climbing wall, competing it out with friends on the bungee run, gladiator duel challenge and the bouncy boxing ring as well as other play inflatables.

You can treat the more athletic among your guests to a taste of their favorite sports, albeit miniaturized with mini golf, soccer darts, football target, basketball hoop shoot and so many more games. How about letting the kids have a “behind-the-wheel” experience with formula one racing cars?

Hiring entertainers for your party is also another exciting idea among your amusement hire Perth options. Clowns face painters, balloon twisters and music bands are just a few of the many entertainers you can have at your event.

Yours will definitely the best party and the talk of town for a long time. How about helping the kids preserve these awesome memories by hiring a photo booth with exciting props for your event?

Amusement hire Perth is definitely the way to go for a refreshingly entertaining and fun-filled adventure. With so many options to choose from, feel free to ask for assistance on deciding what is best for your event and your little guests will be more than grateful.

2 Actionable Pointer On How To Play Smart When Hiring Bouncing Castles

Hiring bouncing castles for any kids’ event is a guaranteed hit as you can be sure that everyone will absolutely love it. But that may sadly end up being a reality for just your guests. Many have been the disappointed and teary experiences of unsuspecting parents playing party hosts at the hands of overly money-thirsty and greedy hire companies.

You no doubt want to pay for exactly what you get with your bouncy castle hire Perth and not a single dime more, right? Here are two crucial pointers to help you stay within budget and avoid being ripped off, even as you excitedly try to make your kids’ day a success.

1. Ask for Referrals within Your Circles

Bouncy castle hire Perth is not something new. Every year, parents in their thousands hire bouncing castles for their kids’ birthdays, christenings and other events. Your friends, family and colleagues are no doubt among this number. When planning for your event, ask for their generous input. They will be more than happy to recommend a service provider with whom they had a great experience as far as pricing and quality of service delivery goes. If the company has earned the trust of those you trust, you can definitely trust the company.

2. Get It In Writing

Have the bouncy castle hire company prepare a detailed quote for you and keep a copy for yourself. Some business have taken the unethical practice of applying extra charges on the D-day with the near-assurance that clients will oblige and pay as it would be too late to contest these charges. Even without the extra charges, some may overcharge the units ordered and both scenarios will only lead to you forking out more than you had planned to for the bouncing castles hire.

Being ready to do anything to make your kids’ big day fun and a success should never leave you a victim. By working with a recommended bouncy castle hire Perth supplier and agreeing on a quote, you too can rest easy and enjoy the party.

face painting for kids

5 Tips For Your Next Face Painting Perth Hire For All Kids’ Events

Face painting has always been an excitingly creative way to add some fun and bright color to any event Kids of all ages love it and without caring too much to admit it, so do the adults.

When hiring one of our face painting Perth experts for your event, here are some pointers that will ensure you get the most out of the hire;

1. Get to know more about the face painters. You will be able to rest easy and enjoy the event more if you have the confidence that your guests are in good hands. How good is the artist(s) with kids? Have they worked with a number as big as the one you are expecting at your party?

2. Let the face paint artist know early on in advance if they will be working with a theme. The artists may be creative geniuses, but having this foreknowledge will help with perfecting the designs.

3. Whether working with a specific theme or otherwise, encourage the face painters to keep the designs simple as these would take a relatively shorter time compared to the complex designs. It’s a party. No one wants to sit around for a long time and the kids will no doubt start getting cranky and throw a fit if they are forced to.

4. Face painting Perth is not just for the kids. Join in on the fun as the host and the other adults will follow your lead. The kids definitely want to see the goofy side to their parents and you can look forward to a much more amazing time as an active participant.

5. Go all out. You can have the face painter include some glitter gel in the paint for a more glam finish, especially with the girls.

Hiring the best in face painters will give your guests, big and small a chance to really wear and pull off their best party faces. With these and more tips, you can enjoy your party the best way you know how.

Twisting Up The Fun-Fare At Your Party With Balloon Creations

It is always the most rewarding thing to see a child’s face light when the balloon twister presents them with that balloon creation. It is for this reason that balloon twisting is an excellent entertainment choice as a stand-alone and even as a complimentary entertainment option alongside others such as face painting.

An expert balloon twister will create anything from simple designs such as balloon animals and crazy hat designs to the more sophisticated balloon creations and sculptures. Knowing the theme for the day will help the balloon twister come in full costume and blend in with everyone else at the party. The artists can also make balloon creations that go with the theme of the day. How cool would it be for the kids to have a Superman or Batman balloon creation to play with during a superheroes-themed party? Or their own pirates hat, belt and sword for a good old pirates party?

Balloon twisting Perth artists who are naturally very good with kids are the absolute best choice for any party. Not only will they ask the kids what they wish to have created, they will also take their time trying to teach those interested on the basics of the balloon twisting art. The younger kids will just be happy to have the final creation to play with, but as kids get older, curiosity will have them wondering how it is all done.

Balloon twisting Perth professionals know how impatient the kids can get, which is why you can expect the artist to take an average of 2-5 minutes per creation depending on the design. This is a great plus for you, especially if you are paying an hourly fee as all your guests will be holding their own balloon creations within a short time, of course, depending on the size of the crowd.

Balloon twisting adds fun and color to any party. The creations are also great fun and favors that the kids can take home with them.

How To Choose The Right Party Entertainment Provider

The demand for quality entertainment for birthday parties, school events, corporate fun days, fetes and festivals among other events is a definite constant as it is the entertainment, among other things that make an event fun and memorable. With this demand, there is now a justifiably large number of service providers in the party entertainment niche.

Finding the right entertainers for the party can be less of a hassle with the following tips:

License and Insurance

Before entering into a contract with any service provider, due diligence is necessary in ensuring that the company is a legally operating and legitimate entity. There are so many unscrupulous cons masquerading as entertainers that prey on unsuspecting parents.

It is also important to ensure that the children entertainment agency has a comprehensive insurance policy that will cover for any accidents during the event. Jumping castle hire and other activities for your events have their own risks and an insurance policy speaks volumes of the company’s understanding of these risks.

Quality and professionalism

From late deliveries to cancellations, service providers can be quite a disappointing lot. A simple conversation during the preliminaries before engaging one can reveal much about the level of professionalism that you can expect in your business engagement. Is the staff trained, qualified and accredited for the work? What safety rules and regulations guidelines direct their operations? Ask as many questions as would make you feel at ease.

When it comes to jumping castle hire, quality is no small matter. What material are the inflatables made of? Is it durable? Are they cheap bouncy castles? Do the units have safety pins and anchors and how often are they checked? In addition, the service provided should be of unmatched quality in terms of actually holding the attention of all those in attendance. It would be a real waste spending so much on entertainers who cannot do the one thing they are hired to: entertain.

Experience and testimonials

Closely tied to the quality of entertainment you can expect is the experience. It makes sense that a service provider without much to offer would have already closed shop. But a service provider with a wealth of experience over the years; that is definitely one you can rely on.

Ask for referrals from friends and family. In addition, you may wish to check out online reviews and testimonials of the business.


From hiring cheap bouncy castles to magicians, and music groups, variety is always a great way to mix up the fun at your event. Choose a provider that will bring some diverse fun to the party. Cheap bouncy castles of different designs, shapes and sizes, a big hat of tricks from the magician and a band with something that will keep everyone on their feet. Doing the same thing all day can get quite boring for your guests so ensure that the entertainers always have something new and exciting up their sleeves at every turn.

When it comes to your party entertainment provider, always take the time to weigh the options and choose wisely. Your guests leaving with smiles and fun memories may very depend on it.

Birthday Party Supply- Organize Better With Party Suppliers

You can get all the party accessories and supplies and make the birthday party an event to remember. Enjoyment, celebration, fun and amusement become the core consideration with such birthday party supplies. Here we will detail a lot of the items that nowadays are available as Birthday party supplies and adds unique flavor to every household’s party events. As the birthday party is a event where kids are given full freedom of having fun and enjoying themselves, it is obvious for birthday kid’s parents to ensure party filled with full fun supplies for the kids. Here are the details on lots of party supplies that one can pick. In broader category, the birthday party supplies can be divided into thirteen categories.

Team Building: You can get the supplies for gaming where all the members of a family can take part and enjoy the party. Such supplies are Family Feud, Spin to Win, The Challenge and etc.

Food Service: For food servicing even, you can get a lot of supplies on rent like Cotton Candy, Popcorn Machine, Snow Cone, Pucker Powder, etc.

Carnival Games: Carnival games supplies are of special attraction to the kids coming to a party. These games include Hi Strikers, Carnival Games, Carnival tents and booths. You can also get some casino supplies if you want to keep the crowd separated like elderly enjoying elderly companies. You can then get the supplies of Bingo, Casino, too.

Table Games: Table games popular among kids who are becoming teen sooner. You can arrange these games supplies from rental services. A few example of such supplies would be Air Hockey, Pool Table, Foos ball, Ping Pong, electronic dart etc. Each of the games will give the kids unique pleasure.

Inflatable Rides and Bounce House: Inflatable rides and bounce houses are the most popular rides among kids and babies in a party event. Get some inflatable rides party supplies like Kongo Krazy!, Triple Lane Slide, Half Pipe, Victory Lap Dual Lane Slide, Monster Truck Slide, Twisted Twister Slide, Pipeline Double Chute Slide, Rocket Turbo Slide, Fire Truck Slide, 22′Thriller Slide, Accelerator Dual Lane Slide, Inflatable Clown Slide, 18′ Inflatable Slide.

Bounce houses are extremely popular among the kids as they get physically active to emotionally enjoy their party activities and reap all the enjoyments of such supplies like Bounce House Rental, 15′ Open Bounce House, 15′ Enclosed Bounce House, 20′ Clown Castle Bounce House, 20′ Round Bounce House, 20′ Square Bounce House, 25′ Carousel Bounce House, Birthday Cake Bounce House, Blues Clues Bounce House, 16′ Carousel Bounce House, Castle Bounce House, Choo Choo Bounce House, Clown Bounce House, Dalmation Bounce House, Dora the Explorer Bounce House, Elephant Bounce House, Monster Truck Bounce House, Princess Castle Bounce House, Race Car Bounce House, Sea World Bounce House, Sponge Bob Bounce House.

All these party supplies are cheap to hire for your kids birthday party. So make sure you book them for your kids birthday party and give them such a pleasure that they will never forget!

For all your birthday party supplies and for all you Kids Party requirements, please do visit our site and Party Rental Directory