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5 Tips For Your Next Face Painting Perth Hire For All Kids’ Events

Face painting has always been an excitingly creative way to add some fun and bright color to any event Kids of all ages love it and without caring too much to admit it, so do the adults.

When hiring one of our face painting Perth experts for your event, here are some pointers that will ensure you get the most out of the hire;

1. Get to know more about the face painters. You will be able to rest easy and enjoy the event more if you have the confidence that your guests are in good hands. How good is the artist(s) with kids? Have they worked with a number as big as the one you are expecting at your party?

2. Let the face paint artist know early on in advance if they will be working with a theme. The artists may be creative geniuses, but having this foreknowledge will help with perfecting the designs.

3. Whether working with a specific theme or otherwise, encourage the face painters to keep the designs simple as these would take a relatively shorter time compared to the complex designs. It’s a party. No one wants to sit around for a long time and the kids will no doubt start getting cranky and throw a fit if they are forced to.

4. Face painting Perth is not just for the kids. Join in on the fun as the host and the other adults will follow your lead. The kids definitely want to see the goofy side to their parents and you can look forward to a much more amazing time as an active participant.

5. Go all out. You can have the face painter include some glitter gel in the paint for a more glam finish, especially with the girls.

Hiring the best in face painters will give your guests, big and small a chance to really wear and pull off their best party faces. With these and more tips, you can enjoy your party the best way you know how.

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