2 Actionable Pointer On How To Play Smart When Hiring Bouncing Castles

Hiring bouncing castles for any kids’ event is a guaranteed hit as you can be sure that everyone will absolutely love it. But that may sadly end up being a reality for just your guests. Many have been the disappointed and teary experiences of unsuspecting parents playing party hosts at the hands of overly money-thirsty and greedy hire companies.

You no doubt want to pay for exactly what you get with your bouncy castle hire Perth and not a single dime more, right? Here are two crucial pointers to help you stay within budget and avoid being ripped off, even as you excitedly try to make your kids’ day a success.

1. Ask for Referrals within Your Circles

Bouncy castle hire Perth is not something new. Every year, parents in their thousands hire bouncing castles for their kids’ birthdays, christenings and other events. Your friends, family and colleagues are no doubt among this number. When planning for your event, ask for their generous input. They will be more than happy to recommend a service provider with whom they had a great experience as far as pricing and quality of service delivery goes. If the company has earned the trust of those you trust, you can definitely trust the company.

2. Get It In Writing

Have the bouncy castle hire company prepare a detailed quote for you and keep a copy for yourself. Some business have taken the unethical practice of applying extra charges on the D-day with the near-assurance that clients will oblige and pay as it would be too late to contest these charges. Even without the extra charges, some may overcharge the units ordered and both scenarios will only lead to you forking out more than you had planned to for the bouncing castles hire.

Being ready to do anything to make your kids’ big day fun and a success should never leave you a victim. By working with a recommended bouncy castle hire Perth supplier and agreeing on a quote, you too can rest easy and enjoy the party.

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